Wednesday, February 09, 2005

What can be done with the Car Ad images?

these are responses to various email questiosn i have received:

The "paths" are included in the files for convenience only--you do not need to use them.

You can use any part of any image (just select what you want with regular selection tools and ignore the path). You can take the head of one person and stick it on another, remove/rearrange landscaping, use animal parts, combine people and animals, whatever inspires you.

You can alter the car's images in the ads, (ie. stretch them, add
shrink them, add different paint jobs, add extra wheels, etc...)

You can mkae the cars attract groups that are not people. (ie.
animals, inanimate objects, etc...)

You can make the cars travel on something other than roads, (ie.
fly, swim, etc...)


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